Service offer

Protection of buildings and infrastructures against explosives

  • Consulting on the hazard potentials of explosives
  • Use of the in-house Terror Event Database (TED)
  • Identification of explosion damages through laboratory and free-field experiments as well as simulations
  • Calculation and damage assessment of building components and buildings against explosion loads (ExBends software)
  • Development of security concepts and protective measures
  • Cost-benefit analysis of building elements for explosion protection 


Risk analyses of extraordinary loadings

  • Damage analyses for buildings and infrastructures regarding loadings such as hail or storms
  • Design of security concepts against such loadings
  • Modeling of cascade effects in infrastructural networks
  • Hazard, damage and risk analyses for detonation events


Risk management for urban security

  • Risk and vulnerability analyses for buildings and traffic routes (VITRUV)
  • Efficiency analyses for security measures
  • Support for risk management (e.g., major events)
  • Evaluation of safety distance during the disposal of explosives


Sensor technologies for safety and security applications

  • Energy-efficient sensors for safety and security applications for critical infrastructure
  • Energy harvesting for the supply of wireless sensor networks
  • Safe and reliable data transmission in ultra-low-power wireless sensor networks through robust and resilient network architectures and protocols
  • Detonation, smoke and water sensors; extensometers (strain gauges/optical sensors) for large infrastructures
  • Ground sensors with wireless interface for energy-self-sufficient monitoring


Safety, efficiency and resilience analyses for technical systems

  • Simulation and evaluation of the behavior of safety-critical systems
  • Auditing within the whole process of system and product development
  • Methods such as: hazard analysis, FTA, FMEA (qualitatively and quantitatively)
  • Simulations and visualizations to evaluate security points (checkpoints)
  • Numerical efficiency analyses for boreholes (wells)
  • Academic training in the field of risk analyses and technical safety


Testing and certification

  • Explosion resistance of security glazing, windows, doors and locks according to DIN EN 13123-1/13124-1, DIN EN 13541, ISO 16933 
  • Classification of resistance against manual attack for security glazing according to EN 356
  • Software-based risk management analyses in conformity with ISO 31000:2009 
  • Dynamic material characterization of building materials and geological materials