Mission statement

Who we are

Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach-Institut, EMI is an institute of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V. A distinctive feature of the institutes and research units of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is their scientific excellence arising from their integration into the academic research landscape while networking well with the industries. At this interface, we conduct basic preliminary research but also system development in an economic manner. Ernst-Mach-Institut has specialized in investigating physical-technical processes in materials, structures and components as they occur, for instance, during crash or impact. Our research contributes to increased safety and security, resilience and sustainability in our society.


Our mission

In our business units Defense, Security, Automotive, Space and Aviation, we aspire to offer first-class research services and cutting-edge technology to our customers from the industries and the public sector. For this achievement, we focus on solutions for safety and security, reliability and resilience.

For the German Federal Ministry of Defense (BMVg), we act as excellent partner with our analysis and consulting expertise concerning questions of research and technology.

We derive our scientific strength and unique characteristics from being a one-stop source offering the combination of high-speed dynamics in experiment, modeling and simulations as well as engineering methods and technology.


Our network

Not only are we linked up with other Fraunhofer Institutes by means of alliances and groups, but we also entertain relations with universities and research facilities and industrial enterprises in Germany, Europe, America, Asia and Australia. The University of Freiburg and the five Fraunhofer Institutes located in Freiburg have founded the Sustainability Center Freiburg. In combination with the industry, this cooperation promotes the transfer of scientific developments into marketable and practice-oriented products and services.