Webinar  /  September 02, 2022

Critical-Chains Financial Sector Infrastructure Cyber-Physical Security Protection – Solutions Demonstration Webinar

This is the 7th workshop in the series of joint workshops (co) organised by the Critical-Chains Consortium and as our Final Project Webinar, it is packed with demonstrations of our ground-breaking innovations to support the financial transactions security and integrity.

The session will include our Pilots as validated in our various priority application areas and user-scenarios for Fintech, Banking, Insurance, Mobility Services and Transportation (Highway Toll Operations).

Participation in this webinar is free and open to all; we expect it to be of particular interest to the financial sector network security and transactions monitoring managers as well as the European Commission regulatory policy and other standardisation stakeholders - all are most welcome to attend.

Critical-Chains Pilot Demonstrations Webinar Invitation 2nd September 2022