Toolsuite BEST for the assessment of explosion eve

The toolsuite BEST unites three software solutions for the assessment of explosion events in one single product. By using BEST, the effects of pressure loads on building structures can easily and effectively be evaluated. The linking of several software components allows an analysis based on different scales that enables the evaluation of an object from component level up to entire building structures, building arrangements and industrial plants. The combination of the computation codes leads to high efficiency within the assessment: 

  • APOLLO blastsimulator is a CFD tool which is specialized in the simulation of high-dynamic flow problems for different scopes of application such as gas dynamics, detonations and blast waves.  

  • The engineering tool ExBends quickly determines the resistance behaviour of components for any component dimensions and component properties and materials and, thus, identifies the component’s response to a specific exposure scenario.

  • The software EQRA analyzes the effects of blast propagation and flying debris due to detonations or gas explosions on surrounding buildings and evaluates the resulting damage to persons.