Cooperation with EMI – possibilities and chances

Your partner for technology development

Research and development assignment 

In the classical case of cooperation, you place your order with us for material testing, process optimization, safety and security analyses etc. in order to meet research and development demands of your enterprise. We create customer-oriented solutions adjusting to your particular needs and requirements.


Strategic partnerships 

This manner of long-term cooperation serves the basic preliminary research for a common goal as, for example, the development of new software, new testing methods, completely novel technologies or the employment of new materials. In cooperation with you, we explore the general feasibility of a concept, scopes of application and individual requirements.


PhD program 

PhD students carry out research at EMI on behalf of a company setting the topic. This very practically oriented way of graduating not only serves the productive exchange between research and application but also prepares junior scientists for their career in the industries.


Joint publicly funded projects

Together with you and other partners where required, we apply for resources from public research funding for a shared project concept, be it at the national or European level. These projects are mostly designed for a three-year period and enable us to develop solutions to problems in close collaboration.


Networks: Sustainability Center Freiburg 

The cooperation between the University of Freiburg, the five Fraunhofer Institutes located in Freiburg and industry promotes the transfer of scientific developments to marketable and practice-oriented products and services.