Sustainability Center Freiburg at Hannover Messe

The crash test in X-ray vision

This new technology developed by Fraunhofer EMI and evaluated together with Daimler AG at the Sustainability Center Freiburg will be presented at the Hannover Messe, taking place from April 24 to 28, 2017 (Hall 2, Stand C22).

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The new X-CC Technology

  • First use of X-ray technology as an analytical tool during crash tests
  • Idea: Consideration of highly dynamic deformation processes of internal structures for comparison with the predictions of numerical crash simulations
  • Objective: Further findings on component behavior could improve the predictability of numerical simulations

Researchers X-ray vehicles during crash

At the Sustainability Center Freiburg, Fraunhofer EMI is working on a novel process for the investigation of dynamic processes of vehicle structures. This way, the behavior of safety-relevant components which are not visible from the outside can also be investigated under crash conditions. The X-Ray Car Crash (X-CC) is a supplementary tool for crash analysis. This in particular helps validating the increasingly important virtual product development and passive safety analysis.

At the Crash Center of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft located at Fraunhofer EMI, we apply ultra-high-speed X-ray technology for highly dynamic deformation processes as they arise under crash conditions.

From research into practice through cooperation with the industry

Cooperation projects with the automotive industry bring the results of the X-ray crash into application. Possible applications of the X-ray crash technology are structures and systems of passive vehicle safety that protect the occupants in the passenger compartment. The behavior of energy-absorbing structures inside the vehicle can also be analyzed with the X-CC method.

Fusion of simulation and X-ray crash

The X-CC technology could combine simulation and experiment in the future: With the X-ray facility, a series of ultra-high-speed flash exposures – i.e. sharp, crystal clear still images in spite of the fast movements – can be produced at specified times of a crash. The data from the X-ray crash can be combined with FEM simulations and then be evaluated. This synthesis helps improving the predictive quality for vehicle crash simulations.

Further development of the X-ray application

In preliminary tests on aluminum structures, the EMI experts at the Sustainability Center Freiburg were able to demonstrate that the X-ray technology is suitable for dynamic applications in the event of a crash. Scientists have X-rayed crashboxes that capture the crash impact energy during an accident. In the experiments, X-ray images of deformation processes are recorded in the range of milliseconds. The scientists were able to show that the X-ray data can be matched very well with the FEM crash simulations.

The Sustainability Center Freiburg’s researchers will present the new technology at the Hannover Messe, taking place from April 24 to 28, 2017, (Hall 2, Stand C22).