Service offer

The business unit Space at EMI is commissioned by national and international space and defense industries as well as space agencies. Based on long-term experience, we offer analyses of risk potentials posed by space debris, propose structural protection concepts including their testing and assist you with our advice.

A full examination covers the analysis of the risk potentials of space debris and micrometeoroids in the observed orbit, the identification of critical components on the surface of space vehicles, the examination of damages on components brought about by space debris impact, the design of protection configuration, the testing of protective measures via impact tests as well as numerical simulations.


Protection of space systems

  • Analysis of physical and mechanical processes during hypervelocity impact
  • Experimental and numerical simulation of space-debris impactsE
  • Analysis of impact processes with light-gas accelerators (from 2000 meters per second to 10,000 meters per second)
  • Development of light-gas accelerators and sensors for phenomena in high-speed physics
  • PIRAT vulnerability analysis software for satellites
  • Development of protection concepts for space systems (such as protective shields)
  • Development of sensors and electronic engineering to detect impacts on space vehicles


Analysis of and protection against impact of near-earth objects

  • Impact tests with laboratory accelerators (from 2000 meters per second to 10,000 meters per second) and numerical simulations
  • Development of material models to analyze impacts of near-earth objects (such as asteroids, meteoroids)
  • Analysis of fracture behavior of natural materials under shock and impact load
  • Development of new deflection technologies to prevent near earth-objects from colliding with Earth
  • Sampling technologies to extract rock samples during asteroid missions


Technologies (hardware/software) for CubeSats/nanosatellites

  • Development of scientific payloads (hardware/software) for the detection of impact events
  • Image and video processing for optical payloads
  • Development of components for and system integration of nano (FGPA-based) on-board computers
  • Development of hardware and software for satellite ground stations for scientific payloads


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