New equipment and services for space qualification

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Thermal vacuum chamber with 12U CubeSat ERNST.

In the space sector, Fraunhofer EMI stands for comprehensive and high-quality experimental and numerical simulations of hypervelocity impact pro-cesses such as the ones occurring during collisions of space debris with spacecraft or of asteroids and planetary surfaces. As part of our activities regarding small satellites, we have expanded our test spectrum for space qualification for components and CubeSats.

We simulate the structural dynamic loads of a rocket launch with an electrodynamic shaker for payloads of up to 25 kilograms. Shock loads, which, for instance, result from the pyrotechnical separation of rocket stages, are simulated using a pneu-matic actuated resonance plate. A thermal vacuum chamber is used for simulating the thermal radiation environment in orbit. The vacuum chamber will be expanded by a sun simulation, which has been put to use outside the chamber for testing of the ERNST solar generator. Furthermore, we are installing a cleanroom area in the test lab.

Our new competences in space qualification are available to external customers as testing services.