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The business unit Aviation deals with the characterization, modeling, testing and optimization of aviation-related materials, structures and components, especially in the field of lightweight design. We analyze the effects on aircraft structures caused by hail, bird strike and debris impact as well as lightning strikes.


Characterization of materials as well as testing of structures, components, joints

  • Mechanical characterization of modern materials (metals, composites etc.) and joints
  • Testing methods for analyzing the mechanical behavior of fiber-reinforced synthetic materials being exposed to velocities ranging from quasistatic up to high-dynamic loads (> 1 kilometer per second)
  • Standardized, nondestructive (pre-, post- and in-situ-NDT) and destructive testing methods
  • Methods for micro- and nanostructure analysis of materials
  • Material testing at high strain rates as well as high-dynamic material tests
  • Development and advancement of testing methods


Modeling and optimization of lightweight structures

  • Numerical simulation and material modeling
  • Microstructure simulation
  • Creation of material cards for commercial FE software
  • Extension of existing material models via user-subroutines
  • Development and implementation of new material models
  • Development of in-house simulation software (e.g., SOPHIA) for material modeling
  • Validation experiments and simulation at component level
  • Simulation of real loads on seating foams through different test configurations covering compressive, tensile and shear stress
  • Numerical optimization of 3D-design layout for additive manufacturing
  • Production of prototypes of metal components through additive manufacturing
  • Process simulation


Analysis and optimization of aircraft structures under impact of hail, debris or bird strike

  • Analysis of physical and mechanical processes under low- and high-velocity impact (tooldrop, debris, hail, bird strike
  • Impact tests with drop-weight facilities (CAI)
  • Impact tests with powder guns and light-gas accelerators
  • Impact simulation with commercial and in-house FE software


Acceleration tests

  • Sled tests for airplane seats (16 g forward, 14 g down)
  • Cabin structures


Lightning strike

  • Experimental and numerical analysis of CFRP structures under lightning strike
  • Development of lightning-strike protection