Safe training in realistic scenarios – Future Combat Training System

Safe training in realistic scenarios

To enable Bundeswehr soldiers to carry out their mission successfully and safely, they must be optimally prepared. An essential element is the training of realistic operational scenarios – especially in live firing (“train as you fight”). New technical approaches allow to enhance the training area structure.

As part of a research project on range safety in handgun training, research was started on how the digitization of military training facilities can provide at least the same or increased range safety – with improved training and extended training options. One focus was on generation and processing of sensor data with integrated weapons and portable target systems. The data thus accessible are used for a security system to determine and control the internal and external range safety. In doing so, the concept of dynamic hazard areas was developed, which requires a digital training area environment.

A first field demonstration is scheduled for 2020 at a Bundeswehr military training area. 

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Adequate technologies for the digitalization of combat training can significantly increase safety in live firing exercises.