Business unit Defense

Service offer

Service offer

Conception and analysis of protective mechanisms

  • Vehicle protection against ballistic threats and detonations
  • Transparent protective systems (armored and safety glass)
  • Personal protective equipment (protective vests, helmets, etc.)
  • Protection of camps and ammunition depots
  • Vulnerability of airplane components regarding their ballistic protection performance

High-speed measurement technology

  • Visualization techniques for transient processes: high-speed photography and high-speed videography, schlieren photography; flash X-ray photography, X-ray tomography and X-ray cinematography

  • Analysis of ballistic threats, detonations and other extreme events

  • Ballistic analysis in different areas of application 

  • Laboratory acceleration facilities for attaining impact velocities ranging from 10 meters per second to 10,000 meters per second

  • Use of modern measurement techniques such as high-speed cameras and flash X-ray tomography

  • Development of modern measurement techniques and diagnostics

  • Application and development for highly dynamic and transient processes as well as harsh environments; distance, speed, acceleration, impact load and pressure; EMC (electromagentic compatibility) analyses 

Numerical simulation of impact events and shock-wave events

  • Simulation and modeling of high-dynamic events
  • Use of the in-house computer cluster to conduct high-performance simulations
  • Recording, description and modeling of the physical processes observed during impact, shock-wave and laser effects
  • Creation of material models and numerical simulations to analyze material behavior under high-dynamic loading conditions

Material characterization and failure analysis

  • Modeling of high-speed dynamic processes and high-dynamic loads
  • Multi-scale modeling and multi-physical processes

Development of sensors and electronic engineering for extreme conditions

  • Pressure and acceleration sensors for measurement of high-speed processes
  • Sensors to record and evaluate detonation effects
  • Diagnostics developments such as optical and laser-based techniques intended for temperature and velocity of (combustion) gases and high-dynamic surfaces (VISAR and PDV)

Analysis concerning technical safety and reliability of defense-related systems

  • Consulting regarding the development of defense-related technology systems
  • Simulation of physical system behavior and system components
  • Semi-formal modeling of system requirements
  • Methods such as hazard analysis, FTA, FMEA (qualitatively and quantitatively)