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Industrial 3D printing system for additive manufacturing of large metal parts at Fraunhofer EMI

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This manufacturing system for 3D printing allows the production of large metal parts with a building volume of up to 400 x 400 x 400 cubic millimeters at a laser power of one kilowatt. These characteristics make it one of the largest high-perfomance and commercially available facilities for the laser-sintering process. Regarding its deployment for research purposes, this size is even unique.

Laboratory acceleration facility for attaining impact velocities ranging from 10 meters per second to 10,000 meters per seconds.

Recording, description Recording and modeling of the physical processes observed during impact, shock-wave and laser effects.

Visualization techniques for transient processes: high-speed photography and high-speed videography, schlieren photography; flash X-ray photography, X-ray tomography and X-ray cinematography.

Implementation and development for high dynamic and transient processes as well as harsh environments; distance, speed, acceleration, impact load and pressure; EMC analyses.

Diagnostics developments such as optical and laser-based techniques intended for temperature and velocitiy of (combustion) gases and high dynamic surfaces (VISAR and PDV).


Development of sensors and electronics engineering for very fast processes or robust environments.