Business unit Automotive

Service offer

Service offer

Material characterization

  • Mechanical characterization of materials, fabrics and components
  • Meso- and micromechanical determination of material characteristics
  • Standardized nondestructive material testing
  • Test methods for micro- and nanostructure of materials
  • Acoustic microscopy and micro-computed tomography


Modeling and simulation

  • Development and implementation of material models for all material groups and material structures concerning the requirements of quasi-tatic as well as high-dynamic strain rates
  • Calibration and validation of material models in commercial finite-element codes
  • Crash simulation from component levels up to complete vehicles
  • Simulation of fluid-structure interactions
  • Development of tools to support the calibration of material models


Crash Center of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

  • Crash center for new methods and materials
  • Flexible and demand-dependent test setups
  • Crash tests from component levels up to complete vehicles
  • Development of measurement techniques and sensors for crash tests
  • Support of crash tests through crash simulation


Active vehicle safety

  • Reliability analyses of hard- and software systems
  • Modeling of the technical system vehicle with hazard analysis, FTA, FMEA and more


New mobility concepts

  • Modeling and simulation of vehicle batteries under dynamic loads
  • Diagnosis tools for high-voltage components in electric vehicles
  • Test bench to examine the crashworthiness of electric vehicle batteries
  • Static and dynamic destructive testing methods for batteries